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About Live Casino

More and more people, who regularly play in a online casino, now flawlessly find their way to one of the most popular parts of the sites within our top 10 online casino list, namely the live casino section. This special part of the casino is full of live games that you can also find in the card tables or game tables sections, but with significant adjustments. Playing via the live casino is done in an environment that is almost the same as the environment of a physical casino. The only difference is that you no longer have to leave the house, because you choose online gambling.

What Exactly Is a Live Casino?

A live casino is a separate part within an online casino where you can play all kinds of different games in an environment that has many similarities with the way these games are also played in a land-based casino. One of the most important features of a live casino is that all the games you play in the live environment are led by real croupiers, game masters and dealers. These people work from a separate room in an existing land-based casino or from a gaming studio managed by the various developers of live casino games here

The dealer, croupier or game master is in contact with players at the gaming table via a video connection and he or she guides the game in the right direction. This way you can play interactively at the casino. In addition to his usual tasks, the dealer often provides some extra content by making jokes, explaining the rules of the game or making witty opinions when a player has made a nice profit. Just like this is the case in a physical casino.

A second important feature of a live casino is that, just like in a real casino, you do not just sit behind the gaming table, but play the game with several people at the same time. You can play all other games that you can find in the online casino alone. The nice thing about playing with multiple people is of course that you can also see bets, wins and losses of others. In addition, it is even possible to communicate with participants via a separate chat function. This does not only apply to communication between players. The dealer also reads messages in the chat and can respond directly to them. So it’s very easy to ask a question about the game.

The big difference and especially fun is of course that croupiers use real cards, dice and roulette wheels to arrive at a result during a gaming session. An enrichment of the offer as far as we are concerned.

Game Selection in the Live Casino

The game selection in the live casino differs considerably from games that you can play in the rest of the online casino. Of course you will find the most traditional games, such as blackjack , roulette or baccarat , but the live casino also has an arsenal of online games that you can only play with a croupier or dealer. Think of games based on a board game, such as live monopoly or games based on popular television programs, such as the well-known briefcase game that can be found in the casino game deal or no deal. To help you on your way, we list the best games per category. We also make reviews of these live games available. Still not sure how a live table or game show works? Don’t panic, because our explanation will help you on your way!

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