Basic Rules of Roulette

The basic principle of roulette is simple and quick to learn. Your task is to guess correctly at which number the ball spinning on the roulette wheel will stop. Yes that’s it. Online casino roulette is for everyone. While a full hit gives you the biggest 35: 1 win, hitting one number is by no means the only way to win at roulette. Namely, it is possible to place bets in several places. You will only lose your bet if the round number does not match any of the bet columns you have selected. Both the bike and the table have different colored numbers from zero to 36 in the case of the European or French version of roulette.

American roulette differs from the others in that there is a double zero, ie there are a total of 38 numbers. The zero is green, the others are alternately black and red. Not only does the solution look good, but the colors also serve as input options. Online roulette is not much different from roulette games played at a online casino. The player’s goal is the same, and neither mode of play has any effect on the other players’ choices. Those players who have placed their bet on the bet box that matches the ball’s stop number will win.

Roulette does not have an actual dealer, but a game manager and sends the ball on the journey. The croupier does not participate in the game by placing his own bets. The house wins whenever no one guesses the ball’s right stop. The most common roulette betting options are roughly divided into two categories. These include higher indoor bets with higher odds and better outdoor bets with a higher probability of a hit. Both have their advantages and indoor and outdoor field bets can also be used in a round at the same time.

In online roulette’s, you decide how much bet you want to place on the round. The setting is done by clicking on the roulette table squares with the mouse or your finger on the mobile casino. You can use chips of the same size or vary their value according to your game budget. The stakes for chips vary from 0.10 per roulette game to as much as 100, 500 or 1,000. Table specific online casino roulette limits can be even higher. However, remember to play responsibly and stick to the budget you decide in advance.