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Best Live Roulette Providers´┐╝

Although in the normal online version of roulette you can play roulette for free, in the live version we do not have the same luck. For the normal version, there are many operators that offer a demo mode to test all their roulette games. You will be able to play and bet, but with fictitious money since you will not receive any real financial compensation. To play roulette online we will have to do it in the normal version. For this reason, playing live roulette for free is not possible at all.

High maintenance and staff costs make it impossible to enjoy the live version for free. In order to play live roulette, you must have a balance in your casino account. In case you do not have a balance to betting, but you are registered, you can enter the game and see how it develops. You will see the interaction with the live dealer, the movements, and the functions that he fulfills. You will enter as if you were a spectator since you will not have a balance to bet and play live roulette.

There are rooms that work with low betting limits. These are adjusted to any type of budget, and avoid the user having to risk large amounts of money.

The only way to be able to play live roulette for free in any way is to opt for a no deposit bonus. There are operators that offer a not very high amount of bonus just by registering. We can use that money to play in a low-limit game.

Best Exclusive Bonuses To Bet On Live Roulette

Online casinos are characterized by offering various bonuses and promotions to attract new users. Similarly, there are those who serve to keep those who are already happy. At this point in the article, we will talk a bit about the different bonuses that can be used in live roulette.

Welcome bonus: it is the most popular bonus and is offered by the different online casinos. You will receive this once you register at the casino and make your first deposit. The operator will give you a percentage of what you deposited, most are 100% or more, this varies depending on the online casino.

No Deposit Bonus: It is a casino bonus that you receive without a previous deposit just by registering with the operator. No deposit casinos offer a small amount in this bonus. However, it is still interesting to play live roulette.

Reload bonus: it works like the welcome bonus, it is given to you after a previous deposit. However, the percentage of the bonus is much lower than the welcome ones. In addition, it is offered at certain times.

Refund bonus: it is a bonus that is given after losing bets playing live roulette. A percentage between 10% and 25% of what was lost is returned to you. The percentages will depend on what each operator offers at that time.

Special bonuses: these are bonuses that are received after a special event or specific date. Take advantage of them to play live roulette and generate more money.

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