Blackjack Betting

There are a number of traditional blackjack betting systems – the first is the oldest of them all, the negative progression – this involves doubling your stake when you lost until you win, to book a small profit. This system is ruined by table maximum bets. Furthermore, when you win, you win small and when you lose, you lose big. It’s not recommended. There is also the opposite blackjack betting system, the positive progression, where you double your bets when you win to maximize winning streaks. The flaw in this system barely needs stating, but suffice to say if you get greedy, you go broke.

Beware of blackjack betting systems which also rely on predictions about high and low cards based on what has gone before. Many casinos will use several decks of cards to make the predictions that much tougher. While there will be sequences of high and low cards, it is impossible to tell where they start and end and bet on that basis. The closest thing there is to a good blackjack betting system is knowing when to take advantage of a good situation through exploiting the ability to “double down”, to double your stake when allowed to and also when to split pairs. These are invaluable parts of the armory of any successful blackjack player and mostly depend on what card the dealer has showing.