The classic game of blackjack has new rules and new features which you can access when you play at the online casino. The game of blackjack, also called ’21,” hearkens back to the middle ages when playing “veintiuno” was popular among the aristocracy and common folk alike. Over the years blackjack migrated to the great online casinos where it was a favored game challenge among the royalty and high society casino visitors.

Yet blackjack is still best known as the game of choice of the hardened cowboys and frontier movement of the 19th century and even today, it maintains the reputation as a game played by people who want a tough challenge with good results. Blackjack has gone through many revisions over the years but probably the biggest change is its 21st century easy accessibility. Today you can play any of your favorite versions of blackjack at any time and from any location when you play online blackjack on your PC computer or mobile casino blackjack on your mobile phone casino or tablet casino device. The convenience of playing mobile blackjack or PC online blackjack real money means that online blackjack players can enjoy blackjack online entertainment and win real cash prizes at their leisure.

Blackjack Rules:-

The basic rules of blackjack are easy. You and the dealer each receive two cards – a face down card and a face-up card. Then you build your hand while the dealer builds his hand. The hand that comes as close to a total value of 21 as possible without exceeding that value, wins the deal.

Aces are valued at 1 or 11, depending on your decision. Face cards are valued at 10. If you receive an ace and a face card on your opening deal, you have achieved “blackjack” and you win the hand.


Today there are multiple variations of blackjack which are all available at the casinos. Each of these variations involves a different set of rules which can vary, with options to double your hand, split your hand, take out insurance, play with wild cards, play a blackjack game that features a bonus round, play a single-hand or multi-hand variation, play with one deck, play with multiple decks, play with a limited number of cards in the deck, and more. The list of rules can be mixed and matched as well, with each version having its own set of rules.

Progressive Blackjack:-

For players who want a little more excitement in their blackjack adventure, progressive blackjack puts an extra zip into the blackjack session. Progressive betting systems involve a blackjack strategy in which the gamer raises or lowers the amount of his wager based on the results of his previous hand. You can open the blackjack page to identify the various progressive blackjack betting systems which are divided into two options – positive progressive bets and negative progressive bets.

In a positive progressive bet you increase your wager following a win. In a negative system you increase your bet after a loss. These systems are both based on the idea that the results of one hand can influence the following hands. There’s a lot of controversy about these ideas, both for and against the strategy, so read the information and make your own choice based on your experience and instincts.

Other Blackjack Strategies:-

Blackjack is one of the few games in which a basic strategy can work, but only if you learn and memorize the strategy and follow it carefully at all times. This means that you don’t rely on your gut feeling that you’re “sure to win” or that a previous win or loss will determine your next hand.

Some of the main points of a successful blackjack strategy include:-

Don’t stick with a bad hand. Fold when you see that you don’t have much chance to win.

Don’t take out insurance. It’s not worth the deposit.

Stand if your cards are valued at 16 or more. If your hand is valued at 15 or less, take another hit.