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Bonus at Betting Sites

At most betting sites you will get various bonuses. Such bonuses are given away to both new and old players. The bonuses are an important part of the betting sites’ marketing, and the bonuses are used to attract new players as well as to retain existing players. One type of bonus many associates with betting sites is the welcome bonus that betting sites give to new players. This bonus is typically a deposit bonus where the player gets extra bonus money to play for when you make a deposit or a free bet on an optional match that you get after registration or after depositing money.

However, it is not only new players who can get bonuses from the betting sites. There is strong competition between the various sides for the players, and this means that the betting companies go to great lengths to keep their players.

With regular promotions and bonus offers, there are many opportunities to secure a good deal with most betting sites. Here you just have to follow the campaign calendar and sign up for the newsletter to be updated on new bonuses and offers.

A popular offer that is becoming increasingly common with betting companies is an odds boost on selected matches and games. Almost daily you will find selected games and odds objects where the betting sites offer a powerful boost in the odds compared to the market odds. This means that you are more likely to get a refund on your game than the probability of a given outcome would indicate if you win. It is also not uncommon for betting sites to entice with an odds boost if you play several games on the same coupon, where you e.g. get 25% extra odds on a quadruple than you would normally get.

Due to the many bonus offers and promotions on the various betting sites, it is not uncommon for players to register with several betting sites. If you do, you can always choose between the best bonus offers.

However, it is wise to remember that most bonuses come with bonus terms and wagering requirements. Therefore, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the terms of the various bonuses so that you do not get surprised.

Betting sites on mobile

More and more of the betting is done on mobile. We use our mobile phones for everything, and it is very convenient to be able to play in different matches when we feel for you no matter where we are. The betting companies have adapted their betting sites for mobile, and this means that you can easily access the entire game selection as long as you have a smartphone.

Some betting companies have developed their own apps, but in most cases, the betting sites are designed in a responsive format that allows the sites to automatically adapt to the mobile screen.

This means that all you need to do to access mobile betting sites is click through to the web pages of your mobile browser. You can also register as a new player, make deposits and withdrawals + much more. You can easily control bets and games using your finger on the screen.

Security and license

All serious betting sites are licensed by the gaming authorities of a country that offers this type of license. In order to obtain and maintain such a license, the betting sites must follow strict rules for the handling of money, privacy, security, and fair play. The betting companies receive regular inspections from the gaming authorities who check that everything is in place.

Today’s betting sites use advanced technology to ensure that all money transfers take place in a secure manner and that your interests in the player are well taken care of.

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