Yes, bonuses have an expiration and it is very good to consider them before wasting the opportunity to optimize them in the best way.

There are two different types of expiration linked to the casino welcome bonus and the first is related to how long you have to request it starting from the moment you start to be entitled to it, or the opening of the new game account: not all bonuses welcome are automatically credited, many in fact must be expressly requested using a promotional code or using a special link in your user profile and of course, you have a time limit to do so which is usually a week, two weeks or a month.

The second type of expiry is instead linked to the amount of time you have available to use the bonus and to meet the wagering requirements necessary to transform the winnings into the so-called real bonus, that is, the one that will then be possible to enjoy for a long time in the time (and in this case without deadlines). Also in this case we can say that normally the times attest around the month, but it clearly depends on the policy of each online casino.

Maximum Limit of Deposit Bonuses

As we mentioned earlier, the casino welcome bonuses recognized with an additional percentage of credit on the one deposited still have a maximum credit limit payable, this is also an aspect that must be taken into account before facing misunderstandings.

So let’s go back to the example given by talking about the percentage relative to the bonus, the example of the wording “bonus of 100% up to x ” in the description of the promotion that is offered to us: X is precisely the maximum amount that the bonus can get to give us.

So to make everything clearer let’s make the promotion offered to us by our chosen casino this “100% bonus up to 500.00 bucks it means that the online casino undertakes to give us additional credit up to a maximum limit of 500.00 bucks a circumstance that we will meet when we pay € 500.00 into the account that the casino would double by crediting us in total 1,000.00 bucks on the account.

But what if we had to pour more? In this case, the casino would recognize us less in percentage terms, precisely because we would exceed the established maximum limit: if we, therefore, chose to pay 1,000.00 bucks the amount received as a bonus would still be 500.00  bucks with a total of 1,500 bucks on the account.

The Games and their Betting Percentage

Casino Game

Another important aspect that we want to underline is that relating to the percentage of the bets on individual games that some online casinos apply both in general and in particular in relation to the use of bonuses: a very clear aspect to more experienced players but not always to those who do their debut in a game portal.

In some casinos (this happens very often in truth) in some games, a small percentage of the bet is withheld, which is totally normal but must be known first.

Especially when you subscribe to a portal already knowing that your attendance will mostly be linked to a particular game, it is certainly a good practice to check in advance what are the possible percentages contemplated for using it.

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