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Bonuses and Types

The best welcome a betting site can offer is bookmaker bonuses. These bonuses are common to see for new users. That is, for new players who register at new bookmakers. But there is also for all players, new or not. Bookmaker bonuses are undoubtedly a perfect marketing strategy used by them. These bonuses are for players to choose and make their first deposit of many to start betting.

What Are Betting Bonuses?

Bonuses are rewards that players receive. These improve the experience of each bettor allowing them the option of having more and better profits.

How do you get the benefits of these welcome promotions?

Bonuses are usually given with play money to continue playing, credits and others. Although, after fulfilling or following certain guidelines or requirements of the betting site, real money could be achieved.

Concepts that every gambling player should know before choosing a bonus

Online betting is not just about betting on a sporting event, it is knowledge and strategies. Players should be well versed in some important concepts that will be part of their betting adventure. Regardless of which one they choose to play.

These two concepts are important before choosing the bonus that a bookmaker offers:

Initial deposit : The bookmakers have some conditions or terms so that the bonus they offer can be used or claimed. Many do it with the initial deposit. Which means that the player must make a certain deposit for the bonus to be released. Also in other betting sites they determine a minimum amount that the bettor must deposit in the bookmaker. In this way, the bonus can be accessed without any problem.

Rollover : Once the player has the bonus available, certain terms or conditions must be met. This will be according to the bookmaker. However, the Rollover can consist of placing bets with low odds. Also, it may be that the player must play several times or with a specific number of bets. In the same way, it could be with an amount of money that they put down as a minimum. Any option is valid.

Types of bonuses or offers for new players

There are several types of bonuses, but the most common or famous are the welcome ones. These bonuses are those that offer new players a certain amount of money to start playing here However, there are several that we will learn about in more detail below:

Welcome bonus : When entering a bookmaker for the first time. That is, when making the corresponding registration, the site offers what is called the Welcome Bonus. It is relevant to mention that this bonus can only be claimed once. Although if the player registers with different bookmakers he will have chances to claim more welcome bonuses. Many players, especially inexperienced ones, have wondered if they can bet without accepting the welcome bonus. The answer is yes. There are cases where the player does not have the way to fulfill the requirements for the bonus, or does not want it to play. At such times, the betting site should provide you with an answer and help you.

For this reason, the player can contact the customer service of said betting site. Once attended, you can request the cancellation of the voucher. That way, you can play how you want to play.

Deposit bonus : When punters make a deposit for the first time. When this happens, most betting sites reward you with a deposit bonus. Also, it can be the case that every time the bettor makes a deposit, they give him the same bonus. Everything will depend on the terms that the betting site handles. To know more about this deposit bonus, it is a percentage. The percentage is calculated according to the money that is deposited. In addition, you may be limited to a certain amount of money.

No deposit bonuses : Bonuses without making a deposit of money are gifts that some bookmakers give, without having to give anything in return. In other words, they give their players a bonus without having to make a deposit. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Because these bonds are under strong conditions for them to be released. For this reason, before accepting these bonuses it is necessary to read under what or what requirements they can be enjoyed. In this way, the bettor will be able to evaluate if he accepts it or not.

Voucher from a Mobile : It is not very common to see this bonus, although there are bookmakers that offer it and many players take advantage of it. It is a bonus that the site offers for placing bets from a mobile . Very easy and fast to get the mobile bonus.

Free bets : These free bet bonuses offer players a number of free bets. This type of free bet bonus has a peculiarity. If the bettor makes the free bets and loses, the money, under some conditions, could be returned. It could also be credited back to the account. But everything according to their terms and conditions.

Return of the bet : Some of the best online betting sites have a bonus where players are offered their money back. This in a certain bet. However, it will depend on several factors, such as: the chosen bet and situations in the match. Of course, every detail is handled by the bookmaker. Each one is different and they have their own policies for this type of bonus.

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