Can You Escape Bad Beat?

Texas Hold’Em is one of the most popular games played online casino . Every day thousands of poker players participate at the ring tables and at tournaments. With so many active players of different ages, culture and poker experience the question comes down to this; can you escape the bad beats? But let’s take things from the start. What is a bad beat? A bad beat occurs when someone with a lower hand beats a player with a higher hand.

For example visualize a multi-table tournament that has reached the final 40. The game is No-Limit Texas Hold’em. The table is ten seated and you have 20.000 chips. You act first and you hold two Aces (A-A), the top poker hole cards. The Blinds are 2.000/4.000. You raise 10.000, the rest of the players fold and the Big Blind matches your raise. The Flop opens 4-7-2. You go all-in and the Big Blind follows you. The Turn and River Stage bring an 8-4. Your opponent wins the round and all of your chips with a Straight since he holds a 5-6 suited.

Even though the above scene might sound fictional it is not. It is actually a true example and you can find scenes like that taking place every day. Over the time you will lose due to bad beats. Due to players that shouldn’t had participated at a round in the first place or shouldn’t had seen your initial bet at all.

Why do bad beats happen?

Because people do not always follow strategies and poker guides and some of them do not hesitate to play all of their chips just to chase a straight or a flush. There are many loose-aggressive players that do not hesitate to play against the odds or enter a round with weak hole cards.

So what can you do about it?

Being aware of the bad beats is a start. Many players focus on their own game so much that does not observe their opponents. Poker guide offers a nice article “understanding different poker players” that can help you improve in recognizing the different play styles. Take advantage of this and mark him as one in order to be more careful with him at the future rounds.

Bad beats is unfortunately another part of a poker game that you should learn to accept. After a bad beat many players get frustrated and permit to their feelings to control their game. In poker you must remain calm and focused on the game no matter what. Letting a bad beat overcome you can be a fatal mistake, especially in tournaments where you cannot afford loosing neither you can change table.

Another advice is to forget the previous rounds and try to become better at the rounds that follow. Once a poker round finishes a new one starts. So do not permit to the players that make bad beats to control your game. The right tactic is to move on to the next rounds and focus even more at the way your opponents play their cards in order to prevent another bad beat that can cost you again.