Chance to play scratch cards

What kind of scratch cards are there? There are hundreds of different scratch cards, but most people probably recognize Trisslotten as the most common variant. Trisslotten can mean winnings from ten kronor to several million and is available for purchase in Swedish kiosks and various pre-stores, such as at ICA. Playing with scratch cards online is basically the same as scratching a dice in real life, although of course everything happens virtually. The chances of winning on online scratch cards are at least as great, but these can differ depending on what kind of lottery you are playing on. For example, all scratch cards from Triss have a certain probability of winning the respective amount, while other types of online scratch cards may have different probabilities for their different amounts.

The most common types of scratch cards that can be found at online casinos are similar to Triss and are called Lucky Double, 2 Wow and Tribble. All of these scratch cards have the same goal as Triss, you scratch out hidden symbols and get at least three of a kind to win. In general, you actually have a higher chance of winning when you play scratch cards online compared to when you play scratch cards in real life. A slot machine gives a profit on approximately 20% of the tickets, ie if you buy five slot machines, at least one of these scratch cards should be a winning ticket. Overall, online scratch cards have a chance of winning on every third lottery ticket instead of every fifth, but of course it depends on which scratch cards you play. There are several scratch cards that have a maximum profit of several million kronor. By choosing a different type of scratch card, you can win a daily or monthly amount for a year. The bet for scratch cards varies, but it is usually around 20 Swedish kronor (SEK) per lot. There is thus no lottery that can be considered the best scratch card, as everyone comes with different rules and winnings.

Here on our site you can see different casinos that offer scratch cards for free, where you can test what it is like to play without having to invest money. Please note that this is a demo game and that you will not be able to win any money on these scratch cards, which we also mentioned above. To be able to play scratch cards for free but still be able to withdraw your winnings in the form of real money, you need to activate a bonus, which we will write more about below. However, playing demo games of scratch cards is a good way to find just your favorites of scratch cards, so feel free to try it even if you can not win on the scratch card. It will still give you a lot of pleasure, we can guarantee it.