Controlling Your Bankroll and playing slot Tournaments

We’ve all heard similar words to this before “bankroll management is key to slot machine survival”; though very few people ever really tell us what the words actually mean. Okay, to a degree, the phrase is kind of self-explanatory but, in the interest of finding something to talk about. I’ll do a little reflecting on what the words mean. Besides, I figure this would be better than me debunking yet another useless betting system that relies on one of many faulty assumptions.

First off, you could go with the small bets technique. This method involves, obviously, small bets only. This tactic is safe and doesn’t risk emptying you bankroll even after a prolonged session. However, you don’t get much money out of that style of play either. I mean you don’t really ever get to hi a decent win do you!!!  Great profit comes with great risk, after all.

Bigger bets, like the ones that hit the maximum bet limit, are great ways to increase your cash but, in the long run, you will actually take a bigger financial hit whenever you lose as the downside. Hey that’s why they call it gambling. Essentially, you may win more money but to get those wins, you’re also putting more cash at risk and the accumulated jackpots may not add up to cover your losses.

There is a happy medium between the two approaches but, like certain casino house rules, that approach also presents a set of problems. Yes, you’ve got your bets somewhere between the minimum and the maximum but, according to casino studies, such a strategy tends to make people lose track of the amount bet and the time spent on the online slots and land based slots. So take your choice! It’s all down to the individual really. The most important thing is to have a budget. I hate to say it, but play with whatever amount you can “afford to lose”

Slots are for entertainment and entertainment usually doesn’t come free. For Free slots you have come to the right place! Online Slots Tourneys is in its infancy stage and we have been working hard to get the Online Casinos interested in sponsoring Slots Tournaments on our site. The good news is that we have plenty of interest and we will be adding another Live Slot Tourney to the list with Live Leader Boards as well so you can watch your position on the Board as you play. Naturally there are a few things you need to know in order to play in the Tournaments and receive the Cash prizes we put on offer!