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Different Types of Online Keno Betting

The objective of online keno remains the same as the classic version. The player must guess the numbers that the computer will display to win a prize. However, the online keno game makes some changes to enhance a game. Thus, several betting possibilities have been added.

Usually, the player pockets money if he manages to find one or more correct numbers among the winning series. This way of betting is called direct bet. But these bet variants can change the situation:

Checked boxes : Players choose their numbers, but the bet does not relate directly to them. The online keno enthusiast bets that he will get the most winning numbers. He chooses 1 to 15 numbers. You can also select combinations. The statistics are then more difficult to establish, but the multiplier turns out to be higher with this system.

Bet lower or higher : instead of betting on numbers, you bet on sets on an online keno casino game here You define which of the upper or lower part will include the most numbers drawn. This way of playing is somewhat reminiscent of the choice of the color red or black in roulette.

All winner : bet allows you to win astronomical prizes while involving significant risk. This way of betting leads the online keno player to bet that the 8 numbers he chooses will all come out of the drum. Thus, if you have hit the bullseye with the series of winning numbers, you are guaranteed to collect a significant jackpot. However, if you find 7, but there is a mistake on the last one, you win nothing.

Most accustomed can try to bet against : This process is the opposite of direct betting. Fans who go to play keno online casino often worry about guessing the right numbers. The cons encourages you to bet that the numbers you select will not come out. Do not rejoice if you have the right combination, because you lose if you bet against.

Some variations of online keno casino games offer an auto play feature. With this system, you tick your numbers and simply indicate the number of draws you want. Then you cast and the games follow on their own. It’s up to you to decide if you want to alternate these bets or adopt one on all the games you play at online casino. Either way, you can practice free online keno to determine your preferred strategy.

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