Five Online Blackjack Tips, Tricks and Strategy

The game of blackjack has been one of the games of chance that has one of the lowest house edges or house odds in the casino. This means that the player has a higher percentage of winning than at most games. Unfortunately, many players do not realize this and go in with eyes closed. With a little more practice and using some tips, players can keep the house edge to a minimum.

Tips 1

Have a plan Know how much can one afford to spend. This means how much one is also willing to lose. Players musty also know how much of money is to be bet on each hand or bet. If a player is willing to bet $150.00 on blackjack and would want to play multiple hands, players should look for a table that have minimum bets of one to five dollars. If one would like to increase their money greatly and quickly, playing at a table with ten to twenty bets is the best choice. No matter how low or high the strategy is, players must have a plan and follow it to the end.

Tips 2

Never chase ones losses Players should never chase after their loses, especially in blackjack. When one chases down a loss it means that the player has lost a sizeable amount of money then plays aggressively to recover it. This way of thinking only leads to bad decision making and more losses. If a player loses a big hand and continues to play, one should play without remorse of the previous loss.

Tips 3

Play variation Knowing the ins and outs of a game can prove useful when one has no other recourse to make. Some games have a ‘surrender’ option that gives the player the option to surrender their hand and give up half their bet under certain conditions. This move may mean less profit for the casino but it is a move that should be taken advantage of. There are tables on the floor where dealers have to stand on 16 or 17, this in turn helps lower the odds.

Tips 4

Check bonus rules One often overlooked tip is to rack up money on online casinos. At any online casino, there is a wagering requirement for any bonus that may be accepted and this entails the playing of certain games. Unfortunately, Blackjack is not one of those games. Players who have a preference for specific games like blackjack, should first contact the websites customer support and ask for the restriction to be removed since there is only one gaming preference. Most online casinos would allow this. Players who sign up then play only to find out that their fave games are not included should plan ahead first.

Tips 5

Practice a lot In any game, practice makes the difference. Although some luck is involved, there are some games that rely on pure skill and skill alone. As in the case of blackjack, practice is essential if the players would want to perfect their poker face or reading techniques. Most online casinos offer free play or free rounds. Players should take advantage of this. Players should realize that playing live and online requires skill honed by practice. Anything less would be useless in lowering the house edge. Online blackjack Blackjack is a popular casino game, now found throughout the world. We feature blackjack agmes that offer single and multi-hand blackjack.