Free Spins Are Your Way to the Free Wins

One of the things that players on the casino sites are always very interested in is getting hold of some casino free spins that they can play on free slot machines with. Casino free spins are as the name suggests when a casino as part of a promotion or as part of a casino bonus offers players to play on the fun slot machines online free of charge. A game on an online slot machine is called a spin and free spins are thus to be regarded as free spins or perhaps even comparable to if one were allowed to pull for free in the arm of the one-armed thieves down in the gaming hall.

However, this is not something you do quite often in the real world, which is why it is of course exciting that you can find free spins relatively easily inside the new casinos on the internet. The number that you can get varies a lot. It depends on several different factors. It may be that as part of a small promotion at a casino you get 5 free spins on a selected online casino game because they want to promote the game. However, it is rare to get less than 5 at a time. It may also be that you get many more spins in return.

In connection with welcome bonuses and promotions aimed at new players, there is often the opportunity to get up to either 25, 50 or sometimes up to 100 free spins to enjoy. This is really where it starts to look like something, since you can entertain yourself for a good while with so many free spins. The short answer is that no when you get free spins inside a casino, they rarely work for all their slot machines online. There are usually some terms and conditions, where there are also often rules about which of the games you can use your free spins on. Often, the free spins are even earmarked for a particular slot machine in the promotion.

For example, it’s not uncommon to come across a get 25 free spins for starburst campaign or something reminiscent. Here it is only for very specific games that you can use the spins you get as a gift. There are both disadvantages and some advantages to this. The disadvantages are, of course, that you can not completely decide for free what kind of games you can play with the free spins, and therefore there is no guarantee that you can use them on your favorite game. Conversely, it also has some advantages that are not to be missed. This is a really good way to expand your horizons and try out some new games. And you can actually go and be really happy about that. Therefore, no matter what, it is always a good idea to take advantage of the free spins that you get.