Gamble, often referred to as risk, is a feature offered by most slot machines that can at least double your winnings. And if you are lucky, you will be able to increase your winnings in new dimensions. At the same time, the idea of ​​the function is quite simple

How to start gambling function in online slot machines?

The basic approach to starting this gamble feature is to get any winnings on any winning line. The game will then offer an option without immediately adding a spin win to your account. If you think the winnings are too small and you want to increase them, the little devil sitting on your shoulder will definitely whisper in your ear: “press the gamble function button.”

Principles and Alternative Types of Gambling Function

Unless you are opt-out, the game will take you to a separate game. Of course, the game itself differs depending on the different slot machines, but the principle remains the same. In most cases, you will see a deck of cards and you will need to choose one of two options. Mostly you will have to choose one of two colors. After making a selection, you will see a card at the top of the card – if it is the same color as the one you have chosen, your winnings will be doubled. However, if you choose the wrong card color, you will lose all winnings.

Some online slot machines will offer you to double your winnings only once, while others will allow you to increase your winnings several times until you reach a predetermined limit. However, there is always a risk that each use of the gamble feature will result in the loss of all winnings. True, it’s definitely almost every time. Some slot machines will allow you to keep half of your winnings and keep it safe, so you won’t lose that remaining part.

As mentioned above, the gamble function could be based on different principles. Instead of a color, you may be offered the choice of one of two symbols, a higher / lower card value, and so on. In addition, the game does not have to be based on card selection. Some slot machines will offer to toss a coin instead, forcing you to choose a number of coats of arms. The latest games will sometimes offer a wheel of fortune consisting of winning and losing squares, some will even have a square like a “bank” that will allow you to keep all or part of your winnings (depending on the slot machine). Another very popular alternative among players is the game mode, which allows you to play and choose a bonus mini-game, where your goal is to find a symbol that will represent your winnings multiplier – although you may lose all your winnings.

Take a risk or always get a safe win?

We definitely recommend trying the gamble feature at least once. You don’t have to waste it too often – use it only when the winnings are too small. And with a little luck, you’ll add a nice extra win to your account. It may be worth it – you will see.

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