How does an Online Slot work?

If you’re playing online slots for free or even playing online slots for real money, you might wonder how an online slot game works. After all, we all want to know why we’re winning or losing when we play. So today I’m going to sit down and discuss the Random Number Generator, also referred to as an RNG. So, what’s a Random Number Generator? It’s the computer’s answer to flipping a coin or tossing the dice. See a computer can actually roll a dice or flip a coin. And it certainly doesn’t have physical reels to spin. So the computer randomly generates numbers to determine what seems to show up on your reels. The numbers each correspond to a symbol. So, you press a button, the computer generates some numbers based on its programming, says “okay, here’s what you get” and displays the symbols.

But it doesn’t look like that! What you see is the wheels spin, just like on a real slot machine. Oh, wait, did I mention those are run by computers too these days? The truth is that we like to watch the wheels spin and it gives a sense of control over what’s going on. It reality, a slot game could be a simple as clicking your mouse and the computer responding with a message on how much you won or lost. But it wouldn’t be interesting. Which is why game developers spend so much time working to make a slot game look like a slot game? Why they choose fun graphics and build in exciting bonus games. Or at least I hope they do. It’s because the slot part. The spinning reels are the entertainment part of the game. And there are lots of online slots out there to play for entertainment. I think I’ll go find a new one. Holiday slots should be released soon.