How to Choose a Casino Bonus?

If you are new to gambling and in particular online casino gambling you are probably a little confused about all this casino bonus talk. Below we try clear it up a bit and guide you in making an informed decision.

When visiting a brick and mortar or land-based casino, there are a variety of methods used to keep you coming back and playing more. Examples of this might be complementary drinks or snacks etc. These casinos are even designed in such a manner that they are always bright, the concept of time seems to disappear, the flooring is usually very bright and “busy” in order to keep you looking up and at the machines.

Online casinos are different in the sense that you are able to take advantage of your own surroundings in your own home or wherever you may be. There is nothing the casino can offer you to keep you there the same way a land based casino can. What the online casino does instead is they comp you free money for example via a deposit bonus.

Soon almost all casinos offered bonuses to their players. This however was not with some problems as players would sign up and cash out, they simply wanted the free bonus money. Due to this casinos implemented a few rules, one of which players needing to play with this free money under certain conditions.


There are generally 2 kinds of bonuses, namely the no deposit match bonus and the match bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

With the no deposit bonus this is commonly offered as a sign up bonus. It enables you to play without risking your own money. The name also speaks for itself in the sense that you do not have to make a deposit in order to get this money. There may however be certain wagering requirements in order to claim this bonus. This usually entails some kind of play requirements for example a certain amount of spins on a slot game etc.

Match Bonus

The match bonus encourages a player to make some kind of a deposit, the casino then rewards you for example if you deposit R1000, they may give you R1000 – in this case a 100% match bonus. Do remember though nearly all online casino bonuses come with a set of playing requirements. These requirements protect the casino against players simply looking to cash out the bonus. The most common set of playing requirements is a certain amount of bets before you are allowed to cash out.

So remember when looking for online casino bonuses to check out the wagering requirements and any other terms they may have. The casino may also limit the choice of games available that count towards the wagering requirements. Again, make sure you completely understand the bonus and requirements at a casino because often most disputes at casinos are bonus related.