This is for those people who are not familiar with Keno. Let me introduce you to Keno at first. Keno is the best and easiest among all other gambling games. Once you learn how to play keno, you will see the popularity of this game. There are lots of logical explanations for why you should learn to play Keno, and lofty payout is one of them. On online casino  games you can even win $10,000 just by betting $1. This is the unique characteristic of this game. The gaming rules are very simple; it’s like playing the state lottery.

Do you want to learn how to play keno? This is entirely a game of chance, no cards involved in Keno. This game consists of choosing minimum of four numbers and can be maximum ten numbers, these are called spots, and their range is between 1 and 80. Game is called based on the spot numbers you select; for example, you are playing 6 spot Keno if you select 6 numbers, similarly 8-spot Keno if you select 8 numbers. The numbers which win the prizes are chosen arbitrarily. Winners are selected by how many of the numbers matches with the winning numbers. There are some exceptional cases in which you can get the payout without even if you don’t match any of the numbers, such game is 10-spot keno.

Basically two options are available to play Keno. If you visit any casinos you will see special lounges which are only for playing Keno. You will see the results of each draw in big screens specially placed in every lounge. Most of the casinos hold the draws for around 10 to 20 minutes. If you want to join the game from outside they lounge, they have that facility too. Most of the casinos have placed Keno screens throughout the whole casino; to display the results, to attract more players. And their employees’ walks and search and calls for interested players in the crowd. If anyone is interested, they collect their tickets and delivers if there are any prizes/winnings.

You will never be back empty handed from the casinos if you know how to play keno. And another way how to play keno is by video, called video Keno. It is only available for the casinos that run online; that means it’s an online game. This Keno is exactly same as live Keno. But, here you won’t need to wait 10 to 20 minutes for each and every draw. If you ever played slot machines, then you know- you will be able to play video Keno multiple times in a row. As mentioned before, you can get the payout of $50,000 to even $100,000 on a bet of $1. Yes, all you need is to know your play. At every online casino video Keno is available for you.