How to Play Roulette

Roulette is an essential game in all casinos in the world. Find out how to play roulette, the types of roulette there are, what bets you can make, the special rules and strategies for playing. One of the most popular games in casinos and gambling halls around the world is roulette, a classic that does not go out of style. We have seen players like Homer Simpson but do you know how this game works? In roulette, luck is as important as statistics, since it is one of the games where we have more options to win. Of course, before betting, remember that the bank always wins.

There are two types of roulette, the French and the American. Both share the numbering from 1 to 36 in red or black boxes, but the French only has a 0 and the American has 0 and 00, in both cases green. This makes American roulette more beneficial for the bank, since having one more box its advantage reaches 5.2% while in French roulette this advantage is reduced to 2.6%. For the rest, the mechanism of the game and the bets work the same.  Thus, both in French and American roulette, players bet on the number or selection of numbers where they believe the metallic ball that decides the winner will land.

We also find slight differences in the spins where the ball lands on 0 or 00 if we play American roulette. These differences are due to the historical context, since roulette arrived in America in the early seventeenth century, but it was not until 1848 that it reached its casinos. On the other hand, the French was not added with 0 until the end of the 19th century. If any self respecting physical casino should have a roulette wheel, the same goes for online gambling. You can play online roulette in any casino and online gaming room, always with the same mechanics. The main difference between online casinos is the offer of versions, since each casino or game room can offer different variants of French and American roulette based on issues such as the amount of bets, the setting, etc.

The promotions and bonuses for playing roulette are also important. Nor can we ignore technical issues, since depending on the software of each gaming hall the result will be more or less satisfactory for the player. Finally, we have to talk about live roulette , which is gaining more and more popularity. In fact, online casinos that did not offer it are adding it to their game catalog, since it is a version of roulette with a real croupier who is in charge of distributing the game, and the option to chat with the rest of the players is added. players in the room, very realistically simulating the real experience of playing roulette. We can classify roulette bets in different ways. We are going to be guided by the betting payouts and the numbers that we cover, since these aspects are directly related. Thus, the more numbers we cover, the more options we have to win, although the lower the prize will be. On the other hand, as we reduce the covered numbers so do the odds of winning, but doing so the prize will be higher.