Live Casino Is Safe

Live splitters can chat and chat with the player verbally, but chat back is limited to chat functionality. In other words, they can talk out loud and you can reply to them in the chat. So you can chat via chat, but what can and cannot be said. All of this is monitored by a control team that is in place to ensure the safety of other players as well as the croupiers. Of course, we all want to think that people are respected and polite, but there are always people who think they aren’t subject to the rules of social norms – one look at twitter is enough.

Netent will immediately remove you from chat if you are rude, which can sometimes lead to further consequences. You also can’t ask the dealers for tips on which hands to play or on what numbers to bet on. They must be impartial. Our readers have learned that we only offer them practical advice and tell casinos to be safe while playing online. The same goes for live casinos, with no distinction whatsoever. Everything you find here on our live casino site, you can be sure they are safe to play with.

If you want to know more you can of course read our more detailed reviews of every live casino we want to present for you. You will find a lot of information on why the site is reputable and reliable. On top of that, netent live casino is operated so with some exceptions they abide by the fair laws of the country. Netent itself is based in which has one of the best legal systems in the world. If the casino has netent and we tell you about it, you can be sure the game is safe there.

If you need more information you can read the casino terms here. Look for the following. What licenses does the casino have are these licenses reputable or are the licenses less known. What are the customer support options are they easy to use or was it difficult to connect to. What kind of encryption does the site use is information available on this. Who is checking the site how often is this done where can i find this information with these questions in mind, you’ll always be safe at live casinos. Finally, the opening hours of live casino games how long do they run.