Most popular slot machines

As you can see from the statistics above, the Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot is extremely popular. This increases around € 60,000 per day and regularly reaches sums of millions before it is cracked. Nevertheless, the chance for this is not so bad, because it takes on average hardly longer than the largest Play tech slot Beach Life, but the average payouts are more than twice as large. To land the big hit with this real money slot machine, you first need three bonus symbols (the wheel of fortune) on a pay line. In the subsequent bonus game, the outer of the three rings on the wheel of fortune starts. There you can win 100 to 300 times the stake or start the middle ring with the arrow.

Slots players will already know Germany’s most popular real money slot machines from the game library. The slot machine hit can also be played on the Internet and at the same time has other advantages. First of all, not only Book of Ra and Book of Ra deluxe can be played, but all slots known from gaming libraries. These are available around the clock and can even be tried out free of charge. The most important thing is that the payout percentages of these slots are much better on the internet than in the gambling den around the corner. While the odds there are often only between 60 and 70 percent, which can be seen from the fact that the money is quickly gambled away and hardly anything has been won, the payout rates on the Internet are well over 90 percent. That means more profits and fewer losses for you. You can find all the important information on the special.

The world-famous board game is of course also available as a slot machine. The game has become so popular mainly because of its extraordinary bonus game. The graphics of the actual slot don’t look amazing, but it sticks to the simple graphic style of the game. But the entertaining bonus game is more fun than any other slot! First of all, you have to click on one of the bonus symbols to find out how many throws you will receive for the bonus round. Then the first throw is made and your character wanders across the field. Depending on which field you land on, there is either a payout by determining the value of the street on a mini slot machine, or one of the community and event fields gives you extra payouts or lets you move forward. If you pull over LOS once, all subsequent winnings are even doubled.