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The new 2022 online casinos we are talking about in our articles, industry news, strategies, and casino guides that you will find on this site are made solely with the aim of informing and educating all players, both beginners, and experts. When a new casino comes onto the market, there are many aspects to consider before deciding if it is a serious and professional one that is worth trying.

Responsible gaming is always at the center of our attention. In fact, we only promote gambling as a fun and safe form of entertainment, which must never create any kind of problem. All the new 2022 casinos that you find in our articles have active player protection policies. Indeed, the commitment to protecting its customers by a new casino that lands online should be one of the main criteria to be taken into consideration when it comes to selecting an operator to have fun with.

What Are New Online Casinos and How Do They Differ from Land-Based Casinos

Gambling is a form of pastime almost as old as the world, in fact, man has always liked to find original and fun ways to challenge luck and chance. We are not interested in retracing the entire history of the game here, and we can safely start from the moment when traditional gambling houses or historical casinos appeared. In these establishments, customers could (and still can) find plenty of betting opportunities thanks to slot machines, blackjack and roulette tables, and a wide variety of other card and table games.

Traditional casinos are a rather small reality since the law authorizes the operation of only four rooms on the territory and they are all located in the north of the country. The small number of gambling halls, their concentration in a single area of ​​the state, and the impossibility of inaugurating new online casinos have always made gaming in land-based casinos an experience that could only be enjoyed by a small circle of passionate. In fact, playing in casinos meant having to face a more or less long journey, in many cases staying overnight even away from home and facing a whole series of expenses that were not strictly related to the gaming experience.

This changed dramatically, and for the better, when remote gambling sites appeared on the world wide web. In fact, the new online casinos could be easily reached by anyone who had a computer and an internet connection with good speed. The phenomenon of new online casinos first clearly spread abroad and then slowly reached, thanks also to the birth of a series of new online casinos managed, however, mostly by large international operators, who offered their services in different countries of the world. By choosing a new casino on the net, a player could easily sit in the armchair at home and access a universe of casino games, both for real and free money.

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