Odds Bonuses

Anyone who has played at an online casino or online odds before knows for sure that you can often get a bonus to play with when you are completely new to a gaming site. Find casino with odds bonus boosted odds and much more. An odds bonus is a sum of bonus money, or cash that betting companies sometimes choose to welcome their new players with in connection with their very first deposit. The idea is that it will increase both the joy of playing and the chances of winning a bit as you get a little extra money to test the offer with. Online betting companies often have more or less the same odds to offer at the same sporting event.

These come in most cases, which supplies the actual platform for betting. But when it comes to odds bonuses, it can vary all the more as it is up to each betting company to set up both the offer itself, but also bonus rules and conditions. There are probably more types of betting bonuses than the ones we list here, but these are the most common odds bonuses you find at licensed gaming companies. They can sometimes have slightly different terms, for example a refund which is often called cashback, or risk free play. The most common among odds bonuses is a deposit bonus that you get on your very first deposit on a betting site.

This odds bonus is very similar to a classic casino bonus , which means that an extra amount of money is added to your deposit. How much money the betting company spends on bonuses varies in the usual order, but the most common on betting sites is a doubling of your first deposit up to 100. A slightly more rare and unique bonus separates the type of bonus which is also called the registration bonus . Few betting sites offer this type of bonus, but there are still some online casinos that choose to offer players the opportunity for free odds online. A cashback bonus , or risk free game as some betting companies choose to call it, is a form of refund for those who do not make a profit. This usually means that you make a deposit, place a risk free bet according to the game page’s instructions and wait for results.

If you lose, you must get part of your deposit back. Note, however, that how much of your deposit you get back may vary. It is also not certain that one’s repayment will take the form of cash. It is quite common for one’s bonus to be credited as a bonus to one’s gaming account, which has additional wagering requirements. A boosted odds is when a betting company chooses to raise the odds for selected matches. These are also called elevated odds and usually apply to the most popular events and matches. There are also so called combo boosts which mean basically the same thing, but for specific combination games. This can mean a little less chance of winning because it applies to several different events and occasions. An example of this could be that, to begin with, you want to place a bet on a match where a certain team has a winning odds of 2.0. But a specific betting company offers a boosted odds of 3.0 that the same team wins in the same match. Then the possible winnings increase with a boosted game if you take that offer.