If there is a super popular game in traditional casinos, and that is making its way into online betting houses, it is Craps or English pass. This exciting dice game is quite simple once you know the rules. 

Join us in this article to see what strategies you can use to win, as well as the rules that each player must follow when entering one of those tables. Do you want to join? Follow us to know more. 

Online Craps Rules

  • At first, the Craps rules may seem complicated, but once you know the basics the rest is quite simple. 
  • The main objective of the game is to predict the number that will come out of the sum of the dice rolled. 
  • One player will be designated the “shooter” or “shooter”, and this will be the one who rolls the dice. 
  • The first roll “Come Out” requires a “pass line” bet where the outcome is sought to be a 7 or 11.
  • There are different types of bet: line, single shot, and several shots. 
  • It is an etiquette, cabal, or house rule not to mention or say the number 7, as it is considered bad luck.

Online Craps Strategies

There are multiple strategies that you will not only find in online craps but in other table games of chance. These will help you to have a clear idea of ​​what you are looking for by being a part of these games. Remember, no strategy is foolproof. 

 The Martingale: It is one of the best-known betting systems. It is based on betting twice the amount lost in previous hands. That is, if you lose 5 in the first round, you will bet 5 in the second. If you have a losing streak where you lose 10 and then 5, on the next round you will bet $15. This strategy guarantees you to recover the lost money, and hopefully win more rounds than you lose.

Gambler’s Fallacy: It is a very particular strategy, it indicates that you should bet on 11 if this number has not come out in the last 20 rounds.

Safe bets: IF you want to play Craps for a long time, one way to do it is to bet on various and free odds, and very little on the rest. Keep track of how many, and use a percentage for each of the total rounds you plan to play. 

Yes, betting is fun, but if you really want to take it seriously, then you must execute each of these strategies in its entirety.

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