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Online Scratch Cards

For those who are fans of casino games with instant wins, scratch cards are dedicated to them. Based mainly on luck, this category of games is extremely easy and entertaining. How it works ? Details in this section. The explosion of the web has indeed simplified the general public’s access to scratch cards. Yes, the majority of online casinos currently offer this type of game in their game catalog. Its advantage? The player can pocket a gigantic sum there is no game as easy and entertaining as scratch card.

Previously, we used to scratch the part of the ticket with a coin. Today, this is no longer the case if you are playing in an online casino at In front of your screen, you scratch the dedicated part using your mouse and that’s it. The principle is identical to that of classic cards. Several types of results can appear a sum of money, symbols or numbers. If you’re lucky, you could win the jackpot! Why ? Because the winnings are estimated at millions. Otherwise, you would have to think about accumulating the symbols and numbers to win a prize.

The price of the traditional ticket is fixed, between 1 to 2. And you would have to go to a merchant to get it. So, for a virtual ticket, you will have the possibility to choose the price that suits you. In a few clicks, you can find a ticket that meets your budget. This is a great opportunity to seize! Moreover, even with a small value, you can collect considerable sums immediately.

Classic Tickets

For the moment, the dominates the market in terms of draw and scratch games. Many are surely familiar with the classic scratch cards and its variants. How to play it? It’s simple just scratch the watermark area to find out instantly if you have the winning combination. Winnings depend on the ticket and its purchase price. Now your favorite casino games like blackjack, poker, craps, roulette and lottery can be borrowed from scratch cards. Tickets are some of the most popular. These draw and scratch games are currently available online.

Virtual Scratch Cards

Today, forget the watermarked boxes to scratch with a coin. Make way for virtual scratch games for immediate cumulative winnings, thanks to a win box which automatically collects your winnings on each game here Although the tickets offered are well developed, some players find their happiness with the scratch cards of the major publishers which are easily accessible in online casinos. Ease of use, availability in free mode, fun and varied themes, wide choice of bets, considerable bonuses and winnings, etc. , they have everything to please. The principle is similar to the paper version except that you use your computer’s cursor to scratch the area provided for this purpose. Granted, no special skills are needed to play scratch cards, but you can learn how to play smart with our tips to slightly optimize your chances.

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