Play Roulette

When you want to play roulette, there are many possibilities. You can choose to play roulette at an online casino or a physical gaming agent. In recent years, it has become incredibly popular to bet on roulette online. That is why we recommend here online casinos that have this classic casino on offer. Read all about the classic casino game roulette. Here we discuss a few different variants of the game and which strategies are popular to play with. In addition, as a beginner you can also read a little about roulette rules and payouts of winnings that apply. One of the games that is first and foremost associated with casinos is roulette.

This casino game has roots from the 18th century when these wheels gradually made their way into casinos across Europe. Since its invention come in more and more different variants and versions. Roulette or small wheel as it means in french, is a so called game of chance that has been played for almost 300 years and quickly grew popular as early as the 19th century when it was invented in the late 18th century in France. Since then, the game has only become more and more popular. Not least after several online casinos in the 1990’s began to be launched & that it now exists as a computer version.

You can try playing roulette. This is a demo game where you do not use real money. This means that you can play play money entirely. This is a great trick to try roulette for free and learn the rules. You can also use the roulette demo to test strategies that you want to test. As is well known, there are two different main types of roulette, the European version which is entirely based on the french original, and american roulette which differs from the European variant in that there are two zeros on the wheel, also called the double zero. This results in the European roulette wheel consisting of 37 tracks and the american one of 28.

This also means that the European version always gives you a little more chances against the house. The wheel is marked with numbers in the colors red and black. The even numbers between 1-10 & 19-28 are colored in black and the odd numbers are colored red. In the number series 11-18 & 29-36 it is the opposite, the odd numbers are marked in black and the even numbers are colored red. The zero, or zeros are always marked in green and are opposite each other on the wheel. In addition to a spinning roulette wheel, you also need a game board where you place your bets. The game plan looks like it is divided into different areas that give you a bunch of choices when it comes to game combinations with different kinds of odds. You can sometimes choose to mark several numbers at the same time and your winnings are based on your own bet amount and the odds that apply to the field in which you placed your bet.