Players Blame the Dealer

Have stress tolerance often the players blame the dealer for their loss, so you should be prepared for the negative in your direction but there is no way to react to it. Have good intuition the dealer should notice the general mood of the players at the table and correspond to it. For example, if the game is tense, conflicting, then jokes will be extremely inappropriate. But if a cheerful company is gathered, then you can relax a little and allow yourself to maintain an elated mood at the table. Be able to count well in the mind the dealer is responsible for the chips, so he must count them verbally quickly and correctly.

Being a dealer in a poker club is quite an interesting job, albeit difficult. It’s hard enough to stand on your feet for a long time, count poker chips , resolve conflicts and at the same time be always friendly. But if you master this art, you can have incredible pleasure from the online casino game. But remember that the dealer has no right to play with other players, place bets or comment on the process in any way. Nutrition of course, it is impossible to improve critically poor vision alone with nutrition, but of course it will be possible to maintain it. Eat blueberries, carrots, fatty fish, nuts.

Personal assistant if the player’s eyesight interferes with his independent play of poker, you can hire someone to help you read your cards and talk about them in your ear. Only such an assistant must be agreed in advance so that your duet is not regarded as a fraud. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. Poor vision should not prevent a person from achieving their goals. And if you really want to, then even a blind person can become a pro in the game of poker go boldly to your dream.

It looks rather strange, sometimes comical, but the rules of the game are not prohibited. Or you can never use poker face in your games at all and be on the same wavelength all the time, without betraying a change in behavior. You can have fun all the time, joke, throw phrases with the players. Or be quiet, calm. The main thing is that this one mood is the same throughout the game. Then your bluff will be difficult to recognize. The most vividly guessed emotion is excitement.