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Playing Live Dealer Casinos

One thing that a lot of people don’t trust about online casinos is the RNG (or random number generator) used in casino games. It isn’t that the odds of winning are very different at a live casino. But sometimes it is difficult to trust that the computer software is 100% reliable and credible. The three games played at online casinos that are most affected by the lack of realism or genuine casino experience are roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

When you are playing roulette at a live table, there is no doubt where the ball landed on the roulette wheel. It isn’t a decision that is made by a computer. Somehow, the game just isn’t as fun placing bets and pressing spin as fast as I can. The same can hold true for a popular game like blackjack. Have you ever had a bad run online and wondered just a little bit how genuine the dealer hits to 21 are? Sometimes the same exact thing will happen when you are at the blackjack table, but it somehow is better because you see the cards dealt.

One thing that the best live blackjack games have that you won’t find with most online casino games is that the deck isn’t randomly shuffled after every hand. That means you shouldn’t bother trying to count cards with the online computer game. The only online casinos that don’t do this will specifically say that they don’t shuffle between hands. And as far as baccarat is concerned, playing this game at an online casino is like playing a glorified game of war. There is no real experience playing this game as computer software. The real baccarat game is played with other players (as are roulette and blackjack).

Live Dealer Casino

Did you know that some online casinos offer live dealers for casino games like the three mentioned above? When you are playing at a live dealer casino, it is as close to playing at the casino. You can place bets online and watch a live dealer spin the roulette ball or deal the cards in blackjack or baccarat. Not only that, but you can play and chat with other people at the live dealer tables. Betting isn’t any more difficult than an online casino game. You just have to place your bets in a certain amount of time. Once that time ends, betting is closed and the dealer begins.

Where can I go to find a live dealer casino?

They currently only offer the three casino games listed above. It wouldn’t be very practical to have the dealer throw the dice in craps or pull your slot machine handle. I would like to see one of these sites offer a live pai gow poker game, but I don’t know how popular it would be. You are actually supposed to be the banker once in a while and play against everyone else at the table.

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