Playing Roulette for Fun or Profit

There may be hundreds of guides and strategies offered for increasing your chances of winning the Roulette in online casino . These strategies may at best help you understand the game better but they cannot guarantee you a win. Playing only for profit may leave you fretting over the game. Playing for fun on the other hand, makes it more enjoyable and on a lucky day leaves your wallet heavier. Great! Go ahead and enjoy the money. If not, you still had a good time. Particularly Roulette, it is to be enjoyed like a good wine, slow and steady. However there are Roulette etiquette to be followed. Not that these are inscribed as dictum but considering you want to enjoy yourself when you play these tips come handy.

1) Exchange your money for specific colored chips. These will be unique to you for identification purposes, and will help easily announce the winner. Croupier, the Roulette dealer, will help you in this.

2) You need to decide your bet, the number, color or just odd and even number.

3) You can bet until you hear the croupier call out that there are no more bets. Betting or trying to bet after the ball has rolled is illegal and a serious offence known as ‘Post Posting’.

4) Once the ball has stopped in a slot. The winner is announced and a marker goes out on top of the winning number. The chips on that number remain until the winnings are paid out.

5) You must exchange your chips before leaving the table, since the value of the chips change throughout the day and vary from table to table.

6) Please avoid placing new bets until the winners of the previous game have been paid.

It beats the commoner’s logic. But most Roulette beginners like to bet small amounts for long. The chances however are that the longer you stay, the more you will lose. It is always better to bet continuously for a few times and retreat.  In fact there is a certain wisdom, in going for one or two big and bold moves, either on odd and even, red or black and always expect the least. This is the best way to enjoy your stay in the casino. Remember this is a game of chance.

Since a lot of money is at stake, a lot of expectations are bound to get attached to it. But you will soon come to understand, that this game is either a friend or foe from your personal point of view. If you win, you will love it; but if you lose you will love to hate it. And that is why right in the beginning of the article it is mentioned that if you want to play the breath taking Roulette, play it for the fun of it.  This way you will always be a winner.  Remember it is essential that you take the time to gain simple understanding, before you rush into the game thinking you have learnt what it takes to win or play. You will have more fun if you know the rules.