Progressive jackpot slots

If you ask yourself today whether you should use the download software of a casino for real money slot machines or whether it is better to use the flash instant game in the browser, there is essentially only one thing to consider: the speed of your Internet connection. In terms of quality, the two variants no longer take away from each other, so you only have to decide whether you will take the time to install the software once and then benefit from faster loading times or whether you simply call up the game in the browser for convenience. If you have a fast internet connection, the loading times for the games are hardly noticeable. However, if your connection is not that good, we recommend installing the download.

This is especially the case with smart phones and tables if you are not online via a WiFi connection and your provider’s connection is not the fastest and possibly even limited in volume. However, there is the problem with mobile devices that there is often no real app available for download, but the games have to be called up in the browser. While apps are still most commonly available for download for Android mobile devices, it doesn’t look so good on iPhones and iPads. Nevertheless, the support for iOS devices is still very good, while owners of Windows Phones or Blackberries can often only use the web application in the browser.

The payout rate (also known as the payout rate or RTP = return to player) shows you the potential winnings you can expect from a slot machine game. Slots with a higher payout rate are accordingly more popular, as every player is naturally out to increase the chance of success by every possible ounce. In addition to the payout rate, you should also pay attention to another piece of information: the volatility of the game. This provides information about the theoretical fluctuations in profit over a longer period of time. Accordingly, you can expect lower winnings more often in slots with low volatility; With high volatility, on the other hand, you tend to earn higher amounts, albeit with a less frequent occurrence. To make the choice easier for you, we have the below for youReal money slot machines with the best payout rate (RTP) compiled.