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If you are one of those who feel smart, be careful, because even the gaming portals are very smart and have their systems (even quite simple in truth) to avoid being scammed on the issue of Casino Welcome Bonuses.

Let’s explain: it is not uncommon for someone to think (and even try) to open many different accounts so as to continuously enjoy the welcome bonuses, which may sound like a good idea but in reality, it is not.

As mentioned, speaking of the conditions necessary to obtain a bonus, when we register on a gaming portal we are required to deposit some official documents (such as a copy of the identity document, tax code, or bank credentials) which makes it absolutely automatic to be “caught” then let’s try to open another account once the benefits of the previous ones have been exhausted.

Not only will the registrations fail, but we could also face an online casino ban, which of course is never good.

The Advantages of Welcome BonusesĀ 

To summarize in a somewhat more schematic way the best we have seen so far, now we want to make a shortlist of all the main advantages of a casino welcome bonus, this considering it of course in a general way and not specifically referring to one type of bonus in particular.

What are the biggest pros of this kind of bonus? How do they enrich the gaming experience and not just economically?

Game: when we sign up for a new online casino we do it to play and have fun, so nothing can be better to start such an experience than a bonus that allows us to play more.

Convenience: when we decide to invest money in our entertainment, what can we ask for better than that this money is worth more? Thanks to the welcome casino bonuses, whatever their form, we will actually be able to play more than we paid to do so.

Satisfaction: everyone likes to be “pampered” and thanks to the two features seen above the casino welcome bonuses also have the ability to make us feel literally welcome on the platform we have just chosen to have fun, a feature capable of giving great personal satisfaction and satisfaction as customers.

Duration over time: everything we have just listed does not end in a moment, but they are qualities that the casino welcome bonuses are able to give last over time, giving us a start of our experience of use to be enjoyed for a rather extended period of time

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