Roulette wheel Bets

There are totally 49 bets which can be placed on Roulette wheel. These bets are classified as inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets are those which can be placed on the numbers of the wheel. There are 38 inside bets which can be placed and 13 of them are called as outside bets.

Outside Bets:-

Dozens– in this strategy player places chips on any one or all dozen sections. These sections are signified as 1st 12, 2nd 12 etc. These numbers imply that user is placing his bets on set of 12 numbers. First 12 consist of all numbers between one and 12. Second twelve start from 13 through 24. Third twelve numbers start from 25 and move through thirty six. People who win in this game will receive payout in 1:2 ratios.

Even– even money strategy players place their bets on any one of the slots that say high, love, odd, even, red or black. In this game the prize will be the same amount that was bet by the player. Even betting means players say that the ball falls on any one of high, odd, black, red, low numbers.

Column betting– in this betting player will bet on one of the columns. A player who wins the column will be paid in 1:2 ratios.

Single betting strategy– allows a player to bet on one single number. In this strategy the player will earn money in the ratio 35:1.

Split betting– in this strategy players can place bets on the lines between them. Their pay will be around 17:1.

Trio betting– in this technique players should bet on three numbers at their intersecting point. The pay off here will be 11 to 1.

Corner betting– in this strategy players can bet on four numbers at their intersection point. Pay off of this technique is less when compare to 3 point intersection. Here the pay is 8 to 1.

Four numbers– in these betting players can bet on four numbers. For example he can place bet on 0, 1, 2 and 3. Pay off is 8 to 1.

Street– in this betting player can put their bet at the end of the row. Here players can place their bets on three numbers of the row. Pay off is 11:1.

High or low– in this betting a player can place his bet on the box which is marked with numbers from 1 to 18(low) or he can place his bet on the box which is marked from 19 to 36(high). Pay off here is 1:1.

Line betting– in this strategy a player can put bets on two streets of numbers. He can put the bet at the end of both rows and line between both the rows. Pay off is less for this strategy its 5:1.

Red or black– this betting is exclusively used by most of the players. Here zero does not count and the winner gets 1:1 payout.

Odd or even– the player bets that the ball stops on an even or odd number. He wins if his wish comes true. Pay off is 1:1.