Slot Machines and Money Management

We’ll take an in-depth look into what Slots are all about, fill you in on the history and background of Slots, explain how they operate and then tell you to forget all that stuff. Then we’ll get into the real meat of how to play the Slots – it’s called Money Management. Most of you never heard of the term Money Management, but in the world of online casino gambling , the whole difference in whether you win or lose comes down to whether you use Money Management or not. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. There will be other articles on Money Management moves that will be laid out for you, but that section of the website is a couple hundred pages away. Let’s move along at a slower pace, because right now you really don’t believe how important Money Management is.

But you’ll learn, you’ll learn. And if you can finally convince yourself that it is better to win at gambling than just put along like a dork, you’ll use those Money Management moves. Right now, let’s go back and start at the beginning. Let’s take a look at the attraction of playing the Slots that capture about 85% of the people who enter a casino. Maybe you’ll see yourself as we fly through these pages. To be sure, you’ll see a lot of your friends and neighbors. The Slot Machine is far and away the most captivating form of gambling in the casino and maybe in the whole world of gambling.

Take the Slots out of the casinos and the aura of the place would dip quite a bit. Just remember what the purpose of this article is. It’s to show you how to properly play the Slots. It is not my right to condemn or condone your playing them. Naturally there are games that offer you less of a chance of losing, like Craps, Roulette, or Baccarat, but there are many of you who will just never play any other game but Slots. But way, way back in your minds I want you to stick this message and refer to it over and over again. “Playing the Slots is all Money Management and Discipline.” You remember that phrase and later on you’ll see how it’ll apply to your play. Slot Machines!

The love of millions of people! If you are guilty of any of these responses when you question your addiction to the Slots, then join the millions of other players who really don’t apply Money Management to any form of gambling. I’ll repeat this over and over throughout the book, so be prepared for it. It’s none of my business whether you play the Slots or not. It is my business to make you realize how to maximize your chances of deriving a profit from them.