Slot strategies

Is it possible that there are strategies to use in slot machines in online casinos that will help you walk away with more money?  Not only is it possible–it’s an absolute fact!  Here are some important things to keep in mind regarding slots strategies.

Play the machines with highest payouts. It’s well known that different machines pay out in different percentages.  Usually these percentages are somewhere between 70 and 98 percent.  How much they pay out will be one of the chief factors in determining how much you’re going to win.  Keep in mind, though, that the payout of each game isn’t always listed on the pay chart, or in any other obvious place.  If the slots machine is a physical one at a physical casino, you might need to pull up the instructions to figure it out. In an online game, the payouts are usually found in the Help section.  Take the necessary time to familiarize yourself with these percentages.

Pay attention to promotions and bonuses. Different slot machines and different casinos offer you dramatically different promotions and bonuses. Each of these can significantly raise the amount that you win–if you decide to be choosy. If you’re at a physical casino, rather than using coins for your game-play, consider signing up for a Players Club game card.  This card account usually will offer you a bonus just for signing up.  Even some online casinos sometimes offer a special player account that features special bonuses.  Plus, almost every online casino features a welcome bonus.  Find those that give the highest bonuses so you get a large chunk of change to help offset potential losses.

Play bold and always play the maximum. Most slog games’ payout percentages include the jackpot.  For this reason, it’s important to make sure that you qualify for the jackpot on every turn of the slots.  Many games will make you bet the maximum to qualify for their jackpot.  If so, bet the maximum every time.  Any bet in which you don’t qualify for the jackpot is a ruined chance of winning your entire bet back.

Play with single lines in order to play longer. If you want to extend your game-play well into the evening, or if you’d like to have a break and keep some money without destroying the chance of winning, stick to one single payline machine for a little while. They’re cheaper to play, and you’ll save some money.  Plus, every roll is a roll in which you’ll be eligible for the jackpot.

Manage your money well. Before you ever start playing, you need to make sure you’ve set up a money management strategy. And finally, stick to your limits. Make no mistake about it: There will be times when you’re tempted to exceed the dollar amount that you had previously set for a particular game or for a certain amount of time. That’s a temptation you must resist. Exercise some willpower and just walk away from the game. It could be just a bad run of luck, but regardless, if you learn how to hold onto your money, there will be plenty more chances to return and try your luck again.