Slots As Meditation

So, next time you spin those reels, how about a little Omm. Because studies don’t on slot players have revealed that playing slots is actually a form of meditation. This could explain why I like them so much. Here’s what’s happening. When we spin the slot reels, your mind enters a trance like state and produces dopamine, which essentially makes us feel good. And lowers blood pressure. And does all sorts of good things for us. This happens even when the player is losing money, though there may be a point where losing too much money overrides the dopamine. But, guess what, you’ll also get the effect when you play slots for free. Yes, I have found a valid medical reason to spend time spinning the slot reels.

It induces a state of calmness and helps me deal with stress. Which actually does explain something. See, before I started doing this gambling writing gig, I had a high stress corporate job. Before I had the high stress corporate job, I didn’t play slots. Then one day I discovered free online slot games. When my stress level during the day went too high, I sneak online and play some slots. Or while stuck on the phone on a conference call, I’d catch some slot action. Now, I wasn’t playing for money, so I wasn’t gambling on company time. Not that the company left me any time that wasn’t their time. Other people played solitaire on their computers. I played slots. And now a study has shown that while I was doing so, my brain was feeding me some dopamine which made me feel better. I think it was a pretty fair trade off. So, if you find yourself facing a lot of stress, sit down for some lucky free slots.