Strategy tips to win at slots

When we play slots at a casino  as far as we are concerned we make a bet, click on the spin button, and hope that those spinning reels will be kind to us and let us win. What is going on behind the scenes is something entirely different from our perceptions. When we hit the spin button what actually happens is the pseudo-random number generator function in a computer selects a number of random numbers.

These each determine a row number in a look-up table that represents each reel. We are then presented with a sequence of animated graphics that eventually displays the symbols that correspond to the selected portions of the reel tables and shows us any wins across any of the pay lines that we have bet on. While the various animations might take several seconds this is just for show; the computer has it all calculated almost instantly.

The percentage payout of the slot machine is available to us, but not the odds of spinning any particular sequence of symbols; these are known only to the casino and the game designer. We can however hazard a guess that big prizes pay out much less frequently than small prizes. Typically a slot game on a site might pay out anything from 90% to 97%, but this payout might be made up of small numbers of very large prizes and if that is the case then we are likely to experience a much higher bankroll variance that we would with a slot that frequently paid out smaller prizes.

The key strategy to win at slots is to select the kind of machine that suits our playing style and our ambitions. If we are hoping to win a large amount of money, then we should expect to experience a high variance, meaning that we will need very deep pockets to finance our investment. If we are content with a small win, then we should play a low variance slot.