The First Gaming Software

The internet is without a doubt one of the greatest human discoveries, which has casino managed to give us instant and easy access to countless information, products, services, entertainment and opportunities. Today, with the tremendous flexibility that the small computer we have in our pocket gives us, the only sure thing is that the internet has radically changed our lives and is here to stay. One of the industries that has benefited the most from the development of the internet is of course casino gambling, with the world of online casinos being at the forefront of all the new technologies that have emerged in recent years.

If we want to talk about the history of online gambling then we have to analyze three different categories separately: online casinos , online sports betting and online poker. These are the main pillars of online gambling, which first appeared with the launch of the first online gambling platform. The first license for an online casino was given by mainly because of the free trade and processing act, which helped develop the first gambling pages. Microgaming was founded at that time, the first gaming software company and one of the largest companies in the field that has fantastic games for us all these years.

Officially, the first online casino in history was the gaming club, which was created. However, as soon as entered the game, we also had the first casino to accept real money bets. The reason for online casino being essentially the first real online casino in history. It is worth noting that before casino there were pages where players could try and play slots or other simple games of chance, but all were in free form and did not allow the use of real money. The whole game changed when companies like microgaming and cryptologic started making custom software to make gambling possible through websites.

The explosive growth of the popularity of online casinos came along with the development of new technologies that appeared more and more often as the years passed. As mentioned above, microgaming was the first to develop gaming software and pioneered many other categories to date. It is worth mentioning that microgaming was the one that released the first progressive slot online. This company is an integral part of the history of online gambling and we will not be able to talk about online casinos without mentioning microgaming. Below we will look at the history of online casinos to date and the evolution of online games and online sports betting.