The Story behind Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are large sums of potential winnings that are available to punters when playing certain casino games. They are equally popular in both the land-based casinos and in online casinos . Although slot machines generate the majority of progressive jackpots, there is an increasing tendency for casinos to include other games such as video poker and blackjack among their progressive games. The progressive jackpot craze has also infiltrated some of the online bingo sites although, at this stage, the accumulated winnings never achieve the huge values that are commonly associated with other online casino games.

The progressive jackpot owes its origins to the innovative thinking of the Microgaming Software Company who, looking for ways in which to further increase jackpot payouts, hit on the idea of networking a number of machines within a site to combine their individual jackpots into a single prize. This meant that every individual game accumulates deposits from all other linked games resulting in Jackpots that grow visibly in real time. The idea later spread to include the outputs of games located on different sites within a given casino group and eventually to all Microgaming sites that wished to participate. Since the introduction of Micro gaming’s Progressive Jackpot Network, the biggest of its kind to date with twenty-one linked games, the network has paid out in excess of $250 million to winning punters.

When looking for the payout record holder among Micro gaming’s progressive games, players need look no further than “Mega Moolah”. It is a video slot with five reels and twenty-five pay lines. In addition, the game accepts multiple coins and has a variety of multiplier functions that can dramatically increase payouts. Top prize on Mega Moolah is a minimum of a million and is a first choice for many who aspire to become overnight millionaires. A close second in the record stakes is Micro gaming’s “Major Millions” it may be played in three alternative versions consisting of the Mega spin, the five reel video slot and a the long-standing favorite three reel slot version.

Of the remaining progressive games, Roulette Royal is based on the traditional game and has some unique payout options, Cyber stud offers big wins to poker enthusiasts and “Triple 7’s” is a progressive game for Blackjack players. There are a few simple rules that players may observe to increase their chances of landing one of Micro gaming’s colossal progressive payouts. One sound piece of advice would be for players who are not poker experts to avoid video poker progressives, as they require skill as well as luck. Another useful move would be always to play the maximum number of coins in multi coin games. Finally check out the winners lists on different sites to identify the games that pay moist frequently.