The Variance in Online Poker

A concept coming from statistics and network theory can explain why there are unlucky tables, players who think they will win, others who would like to win, others who finally win. Variance in poker describes the reason why even in Texas hold’em having hands or being players who are decidedly blessed with luck is not just a matter of fate. Without boring you too much, just know that in mathematics the term variance is used to describe randomness, sudden deviations, jumps and non linear movements in numerical sequences and in the curves that describe them as in the following graph.

In this case, smiling mathematicians would remind us that arguing that an event has little chance of happening is not the same as the statement. The event is impossible. We therefore speak of positive and negative variance when after a constant game trend, returning to our example a period of good hands in poker, suddenly a series of unplayable cards or an unforeseen event happen to make you lose your turn. In online poker, therefore, variance indicates the difference between what a player could have won and what he actually won. This video helps us understand the meaning of variance in poker clearly and quickly.

The advanced strategies and methods of playing poker are based precisely on statistical calculation. In most cases, a pair of queens beat a threes pre-flop but not in all. In the single game, if on the one hand it is true that the chance of winning theoretically remains around 70%, on the practical side it is true that we will not play ten games by winning 7 but only one. And this could just be one of the 3 in which our hand is a loser. This dark, unpredictable threshold that every player knows and experiences on himself at every move, is what fades from the linearity of mathematics to vary in the shades of fate, luck, talent.

Just talent and discipline seem to be the only two players in the hand care both in amateur competitions in the challenges and the most popular official tournaments. To help you, we report here an interesting table drawn. Which advises you to gradually learn the game avoiding nasty surprises and gradually increasing your bankroll always considered a card game where skill and technique rather than luck prevail, in poker the player who best knows how to reconcile advanced game techniques and strategies with his own mood and the unpredictability of the moment wins , or the variance that always acts both in the live and online versions of the game. In conclusion, the variance will ensure that the good player has a positive long term trend while it will dictate the end of the bad player who, despite being able to take home an excellent pot in single games, on average after all he will find himself having a negative game balance.