Variants of Online Blackjack

If you are a true fan of the game of black jack, the classic rules may not be enough for you. For this reason, the description of each casino contains all the versions of blackjack that you can find there. And there are so many multi hand, vip, atlantic city, live, crazy, super 7’s, double exposure pro series, single deck, surrender, 21, lucky and more. Each has small differences in the rules or side bets that make it unique, in the section dedicated to blackjack you can consult the rules and find the recommended casinos for each variant.

Some of these you can play multiplayer blackjack, that is, with other real players sitting at the tables. Here are summarized some of the most famous double exposure blackjack . Usually the dealer has one card face up and the other hidden until all the players at the table have finished playing. In double exposure blackjack on the other hand, the dealer has both two cards face up from the start of the hand. Vip blackjack the only difference between the vip and the classic version is the presence of significantly higher betting limits than usual.

Blackjack surrender here you will have one more action available besides calling card, stand, split or double surrender. In this case, half of the original bet will be returned to you. Live blackjack . The rules here are the traditional ones, the difference is that instead of the software, to serve you the cards there will be real dealers that you will see via webcam. It is undoubtedly the version that can make you feel the atmosphere of a real casino more. Blackjack 21 duel here ace and ten do not form the point of black jack but a simple 21 and there is a side bet. Lucky blackjack.

This is probably the variant that most differs from the original. You won’t even be served the cards because the object of the game is to guess the dealer’s score. Crazy blackjack the crazy is differentiated by the presence of three secondary bets safe, highest hand and jackpot. Blackjack bonus pairs . Also in this version there is a side bet that rewards the release of certain combinations of cards. You can play any variant of free blackjack to try it out and make sure you have mastered the rules well or just to have fun without money for as long as you want in the play money sections that every casino has. You will never be asked to play blackjack for real money if you don’t want to and don’t access the section dedicated to real money games.