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What Are Blackjack Variants

There are many variants to play the game Live Blackjack online that we will explain you here so that your next free blackjack game is nothing catches you off guard. In addition to Blackjack, there are other variants of this casino game.

Blackjack Switch: Where the player plays double-handed and can swap the 2nd card of one hand with the 2nd card of the other. This way you can have more chances to win. In this case, the bets are paid 1:1.

Strip: In this variant, you can only split aces 1 time, however, you can double your bet on any hand. However, if you split into aces you might be able to take 1 more card.

Double Exposure: The dealer will always have the cards face up, so the player will have an advantage. This advantage is compensated with a bet type 1:1. You can only split once.

Caribbean Blackjack: In this case, it is not only important that you reach 21 or close, but also the combination of the cards you have obtained. An example of this is the triple 7, where you will win the progressive jackpot if you land three 7s.

Blackjack Bonuses

Online Blackjack has the great “novelty” that, being so popular for people, bookmakers create bonuses to attract thousands of players. Blackjack bonuses are usually welcome bonuses or bonuses for playing a number of hands at table games like this. These play money bonuses can be turned into real money if you know how to apply the strategies that we recommend here at the casino.

For example, when you see that an online casino offers to play blackjack without money, the safest thing is that it will give you a welcome bonus in bucks that, to redeem later, you will have to reach a much higher amount than it.

Game Odds

It is normal for a player to want to know how to bet on blackjack to get the most out of it, and much more common is that they need to know the blackjack odds they have of winning. For this reason, the online blackjack experts at casinos bring you the possibilities you have in this entertaining table and card game.

Online blackjack being so dynamic the odds can vary wildly from round to round. One hand can have a winning probability of 5% and the other -6%. Basically, between 2 hands there are more chances of losing than winning, which is why it is so important that you visualize each of the hands and find the indicated pattern. Remember that the software in an online casino is not the same as a man counting blackjack cards. Things like a win, win, the win doesn’t apply, sometimes it’s more like “win, lose, win.

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