When a new online casino enters the market, it usually offers its players free top benefits. “Free” is a powerful word, and when it comes to the online casino industry, however, the term can be very misleading. We want this to be clear, so when you see the word “Free” on our site, we really mean it and there is no dog buried behind it. For example, a free benefit can be a certain number of free spins. You can try the games completely without a deposit, that is, for free. Every new online casino wants new customers to find and stay on their website, and free spins are an effective way to accomplish this.


Below is a list of some of the terms used by the sites and what they mean:

Free Rounds

When we use the word “free spins,” we mean literally free spins without a deposit. Sometimes new customers are required to create an account on the site and this is part of the deposit bonus. The new online casino often offers free spins.

Bonus Rounds

In addition to free spins, we may use the term “Bonus Rounds” or just “Rounds”. These refer to the rounds given to the player as part of the deposit bonus https://www.svenskacasino.me . Bonus rounds are available at many different online casinos. In the case of a new online casino, they often have attractive introductory offers.

All Types of Bonuses

If you weren’t already aware, almost all online casinos offer some sort of deposit bonus to their new customers. A good new online casino will definitely want to take advantage of this temptation, and many new online casinos will offer their new, important players as many different offers and bonuses as possible. The terms “Welcome Offer”, “Welcome Bonus”, “Bonus Money” or “Deposit Bonus” may be used for such bonuses. Sometimes just the word “Bonus” can be used. A deposit is often required for this, while sometimes no deposit is required at all, depending on the offer.

“No deposit required”, “no registration required”. These may be mentioned in connection with free spins. In that case, no deposit is required for the offer. These are the best bonus types, as they allow you to win without any risk, which is of course great for the player. Imagine a win with no deposit whatsoever. Such a win can hit anyone.

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