What is a Slot Tournament?

A slot tournament is an event where slot machine players compete for winnings on machines pre-programmed with special prizes, points, and credits. These tournaments are becoming more and more popular, and draw crowds to all the casinos in the various gaming areas. Many people think slot machines are a lot of fun anyway, so when you add the festive atmosphere of a competition, it’s even more fun–in fact, some people are so competitive with slot machine tournaments that they like the title of “winner” as much as they like the winnings.

Many people like the tournaments because they know ahead of time how much they could lose–this is the entry fee and no more. They are also easy tournaments, and don’t require any knowledge or skill to speak of. Players are simply assigned a machine and a time slot, and play the credits that have been pre-set into the machine. Most of the time players are give twenty minutes to a half hour to play their credits, which can range from 500 to over 1,000 credits (most often you will see 1,000). If you win credits, you can’t play them and must forfeit them at the end of your turn. Your score is then compared to others and a winner announced.

While it’s true that slot machines are mostly luck, there are some things you can do to increase your chance of winning. However, it does help to have quick reflexes and good focus on your side. Remember that you have to play all your credits, and will have to play fast. You won’t have time to let your eyes wander or think about much else. You should be ready on the “Spin” at all times. If you don’t use all your credits you will lose them, so it pays to be ready and quick on the button.

Don’t take the time to note wins until you’re done. This can cost important seconds. Remember that you have to play 1,000 credits and don’t have a lot of time to do it. If you tend to wander mentally, try to stay focused and alert. Make sure you’ve had your coffee beforehand because getting tired or stopping to sip during this short time will cost you. Fatigue has cost a lot of folks un-played credits. Also avoid comparing your score to others’ scores–looking away costs time and you should avoid it. It’s like they told you as a kid–keep your eye on the ball!

Your first tournament you may not play as well as you might like, but no matter–many people don’t. You will get faster on the button and at the game as you play more of these fun events, and you may find that you can really win big on one of these. They can be more fun that just cranking away at slots machines all day. There is a camaraderie with competitors, and even though you are competing against each other you are still in the company of a group of like-minded people.

Sometimes you can even get some good hotel deals with a tournament. Many hotels offer discount packages that even include free rooms now and then. You may also find great food discounts, other prizes and contests, parties, and much more. It truly is an event, so you will probably need to sing up for these tournaments well in advance to make sure there is enough room. Many of them fill up very quickly. So if you like the idea of a friendly competition as well as the lively casino atmosphere, try a slot machine tournament. Remember, you can only lose your entry fee!