Win Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is one of the most popular and appreciated card games by fans of the genre and is found on virtually all virtual casinos. This game is very simple and even those who are not an expert have the opportunity to quickly learn how to play. In this article we will see how it works , what are the strategies that can be applied to maximize winnings and also the differences of the main variants. Playing blackjack online is basically the same as the classic card game popular in all major casinos. Classic 52 card decks are used , from which the jokers are removed.

Speaking of the classic version of the game, the goal is to get a hand of cards whose total points are as close as possible to 21 and at the same time beat the dealer’s hand. It is essential to never exceed the score of 21, otherwise the hand is void and the player is said to bust. Furthermore, the dealer always moves last, and consequently if all the players at the table lose, he will win even if he has exceeded 21. In the online version, the first thing to do is to choose a room and participate in an open table. We will therefore need to decide the size of the bet , bearing in mind that some tables have a fixed entry cost.

At this point each player receives two cards face up , as well as the dealer, except that only one of the two cards will be face up, while the other not visible will be revealed only at the end of all the turns of the players present. Clockwise, each player will have to decide whether to hit or stand in the first case, additional cards will be received unless 21 is overrun, and in that case the hand will be lost. When a player is satisfied with his score, he can stand and therefore it will be the next one. Once everyone has finished their actions, the dealer turns over the other hidden card.

If his score is equal to or less than 16, he will be forced to hit. If, on the other hand, the dealer has a 21 he will not turn over any more cards . When the dealer has also finished his turn all the players with a higher score will win, and if both the dealer and a player present a blackjack the latter will receive the bet bet. If, on the other hand, the bank busts, all the players remaining in the race win . The player wins what he has wagered, unless he does natural blackjack, and then wins 1.5 times the bet.