Mini Baccarat is played according to the same exact rules governing regular Baccarat, with a few minor changes – The betting limits are considerably lower, the table is smaller and more intimate (slightly different design) and the entire mood of the table is more laid back and casual.

The table itself is not asymmetrical like the regular baccarat table.  And instead of accommodating fifteen players, the mini-baccarat table accommodates up to seven.  There are still three concentric betting rows; However, each players betting space is marked by a colored circle. On the outside perimeter of the table are seven red circles with numbers – These mark where players sit at the table, as well as where chips for bets on the Player Hand are set.  Just behind these numbers are a row of smaller yellow circles where chips for Bank Hand bets are set.  And immediately behind this row is a row of even smaller white circles to mark where Tie bets are made.  At the very top of the table is a straight row of numbers 1 through 7.  Each number corresponds to each player and is used to keep track of Bank Hand commissions each player owes the casino.

One dealer, the croupier, stands at the top center of the table and handles all activity, including the notation of commissions, the dealing of cards, collecting chips, and dispersing winnings.  This differs from regular baccarat, in which players take turns dealing the cards from a shoe.

Mini baccarat should be available at the larger online casinos, as well as the regular version of the game.  Even land-based casinos are becoming hip to mini-baccarat – offering the game as part of their traditional repertoire of casino games.  Remember that regular baccarat in a casino has very high table limits – some getting up to $500 and $1,000 minimum bets. Mini baccarat, however, offers table limits as low as $10.  In online casinos, table limits are much lower.

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