As any player knows, gambling, specifically the online variety, is a hot subject matter in the Congress. However, whatever the facts may be about its legality, the truth is that 50% of Internet casino revenue is generated from within the States.

This situation is by no means new; in fact, it is simply a continuation of the old conflict between a government that is seeking to prohibit the activity despite the continued support of the public. And in the end, the people in authority always have to capitulate.

The importance of gambling with regard to providing funds for government-sponsored projects is already well known. However, that is not the only reason why people support and love gambling; it is also not just the prospect of winning big money, but because it provides people with a means to get together, have fun, or both.

Some may scoff at this aspect of gambling, but it is an undeniable fact. If you take the time out to visit people who play home Poker or Blackjack, you will likely come across a group of lively, happy people. Yes, there’ll be playing cards laid out on the table, but in between are plenty of lively conversation, laughter, and drinks.

This is not a new phenomenon, as stated; it was well known that during the Renaissance both the aristocracy and the laymen were into online gambling, and were occasions for such socializing. When the card games were imported to the country they want, the boats would be packed with players, while their wives or girlfriends would sit outside and chatter.

The point that is being driven home here is that society has a natural need for gambling; it is an activity that releases tension and at the same time brings in an adrenaline rush with few equals. Any tourist visiting the country for the first time will tell you how eager he or she is to play the slots; they aren’t worried about winning or losing, it’s just about having fun, with their friends.

The people who play Caribbean Stud Poker on cruise ships and luxury liners are not as interested in winning or losing their bets as they are in simply partaking in the atmosphere of leisure that the game brings.

For this reason, it should be clear that laws prohibiting gambling will never get popular support, and in most cases just drive the industry underground. It will never go away, simply because people will always long for it.

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