Online casino roulette has grown to become one of the most popular gambling games on the internet, it is as popular as other gambling games such as Poker, Baraccat, slots, and Blackjack. Roulette may seem complicated to many beginners but for professional and long-term players, it is as simple as any other game. You can win big with online casino roulette. Especially, when you place bets on single numbers and it is a game that is accessible to all gamblers across all skill levels.

There are two main online casino roulette types; European roulette ( also known as the single zero) and American roulette( also known as the zero). The main difference between these two roulettes is that the table in the European roulette has a spinning wheel with 37 slots, while the American roulette table has 38 slot wheels. In order to win a game in online casino roulette, a player must correctly predict the number on a wheel where the ball will end up landing. While the number zero is always green, all other wheels can either be Red or Black. You need to place a bet on a number or a range of numbers, you can also place a bet on the color, (black or red), odd or even, or columns or rows.

Basic Rules

You can put your stake in different kinds of bets in online casino roulette, however, there are quite a number of rules you must follow and they include the following;

• A pay-off of 35-1 applies if you bet and win on a single number.

• A pay-off of 17-1 applies if you place a bet on two neighboring squares.

• A pay-off of 11-1 applies if you place a bet on three neighboring squares or numbers, and you need to place your chips at the outer region of the rows.

• A pay-off of 5-1 applies if you place a bet on 6 neighboring numbers.

Rules Applicable to Outside Bets

Just like internal bets, there are quite a number of rules applicable to outside bets in online casino roulettes;

• A double bet normally attracts a pay-off of 2-1, this simply means you have to place a bet on three squares with an outcome of 1 to 12 or 13-24, or 25-36. Double bets don’t attract many prizes as single bets.

• If you place a bet of 3 squares at the bottom of the table then you are betting on 12 numbers at a time, and the pay-off for this is 2-1.

• When you place a bet on 2 squares ( for instance, 1-18 or 18-36), you automatically bet on too many large numbers, therefore the pay-off ratio is 1-1.

Online casino roulette is an interesting game to play and you tend to win more prizes when you place bets on single numbers rather than too many large numbers at the same time.

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