Online Deposit Limits

Deposit limits are something we believe everyone should put on their account, no matter what kind of player you are. It can be all too easy to deposit money again and again in a short period of time, and this is where many people incur the biggest money problems. You can go from having a player account in plus to a bank account in minus within a few short hours in the casino. We therefore recommend that you take a look at your account and set a deposit limit.

The limit is absolute, and it is not possible to deposit more than you have decided in advance. You can set deposit limits per day, per week or per month. Set a limit you’re comfortable with, and remember it’s better to have to wait a few days for the deposit limit to reset than not being able to afford the rent.

On this page, we want to focus on what can be done to ensure good experiences for our readers, as well as give a small clue to some of the ‘symptoms’ that can occur if your gaming is about to become a problem.

Use common sense

Common sense is simple in theory, but not always so simple in practice: look at gambling as entertainment and not a way to get rich. Play wisely and don’t forget yourself. Play for money you can afford to lose. If you should get excited and forget yourself: don’t bet even more to win back what you lost. If you don’t have money to play for, you shouldn’t do it either. Never borrow money for gambling! Should you lose these, the problems will only grow.

So what can you do to minimize the risk of developing problems? Take these tips with you on the road, think them through and implement them in your own everyday gaming life. Online casino gaming is not an investment that will make you rich. Before you play; set limits on how much time you intend to spend and how much money you can spend. So stick to these. Set an alarm on your mobile so that if you have decided to play for 1 hour, you log off when the alarm goes off.

If you win, withdraw your winnings! We know it can be difficult to stop when a good win rolls in, but that’s exactly where and when you should take a break and log off for a little while. Come back with a clear mind and cash out your winnings so you can spend them on more fun out in the real world. Only play for money you can afford to lose and set a maximum budget. Either per day, per week or per month and stick to this. Do not deposit more money after big losses to win back the loss.