Responsible Gambling

Responsible casino and gambling partner, and we do our part to contribute to a safe and good environment for our readers. Through extensive reviews of various online casinos where we look at their licences, bonus conditions and a number of other security factors, we try to shed light on the online casinos in an informative and responsible way. At the same time, we believe that the online casino responsible gaming policy is at least as important as our own.

We put the players safety and health first, and we promote responsible gaming because we believe that online casino games should be entertaining, exciting and a way to reduce stress – and not a source of stress and problems in themselves.

Make sure you don’t gamble to run away from your problems and never gamble more than you can afford to lose. Gaming is intended as diversion and entertainment, and not as a way of trying to solve problems. If you play because you need money, we advise you to stop immediately and seek help at other venues. Remember that the winning statistics are never on your side. It always on the house. For the player, it is not a weakness to ask for help and assistance if the game has gotten out of control. Or if you sense that it might be about to do so.

The vast majority of gambling companies and online casinos take responsible gambling very seriously – at least the casinos we choose to recommend on this website. A focus on responsible gambling is also a fundamental requirement for obtaining a gambling license from the various regulatory authorities. Should any of the casinos we mention break the license conditions, we will immediately state this in the review for the given casino.

Many companies have specially trained people in their customer service who can give you advice in connection with problem gambling. Or they can refer you to professional third parties who can help you further. The casinos can also help you set limits on the account, which gives you better control over how much you spend on gaming. This applies to both deposit limits, time limits and loss limits, in addition to complete or partial self-exclusion if you feel it is necessary.

Although the vast majority of people who play in online casinos have an unproblematic relationship with gambling, there is also a small percentage who develop problems. We at casino do our best to promote responsible gambling in the form of articles that explain how casino games actually work, in addition to only recommending safe and serious players who put responsible gambling first.