Some seventy percent of casino income is thought to come from the ubiquitous slot machine.  It’s often the first thing you hear when you walk through the casino doors – the chink of coins and the ratchet as the arm on the one-armed bandit is pulled down to start the reels spinning. Century.  Fey’s first successful effort, a machine with three reels and five symbols on each reel was immensely popular.  It included the four playing card symbols and a Liberty Bell. When three bells matched up the jackpot was won.

Anyone familiar with the term ‘slots’ will know how it operates – a coin is inserted into the slot and the lever is pulled.  The reels then spin and the resulting combination of symbols determines the size of the win, or more likely, results in a combination winning nothing.

A quick internet search will reveal hundreds of websites dedicated to slot machine winning strategies and those sites are just as dedicated to selling you those secrets.  The truth is that there are no foolproof winning strategies.  As in other casino games, the betting advantage lies with the house.

The slot machines we regard as most common in many countries.

The Pokies

‘Pokies” but markedly different from the ‘Fruit Machine’.  We’ll examine the version elsewhere but it’s more involved than its counterparts. A machine is similar in that it’s normally a one-lever pull or one-button press machine. Multi-line machines tend to be more common.  Many more symbols are visible and wins can be determined by diagonal matches as well as the usual horizontal.

Payout percentages stay the same, however, meaning you won’t win anymore just because there are more lines and these vary from place to place, although they are usually governed by national or state laws.  For example, if a slot machine had a payout percentage of 90%, over a specific period of time 90% of money spent on the machine will be returned to the player.

More and more slots use video game technology these days, meaning the player only has to press a button and the symbols on the screen start spinning.  Since the inception of computer technology, it has also been possible to use Random Number Generators to ensure a truly random outcome.

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